Health care, research and high-tech industries today have two expectations : Purified air and Optimal mangement of it’s quality.

For many years this double requirement entailed the installation of heavy equipment along with major building work. To remedy this situation and meet the increasing demand, a new more functional system, capable of advantageously replacing traditional installations needed to be found.

In 1980, Gérard Barachini developed the first STERIBLOC. Designed in a similar way to a self-contained air handling units, simple to install and easy to use, it could be adapted to any existing layout, and ensures optimal decontamination and air control. UNITAIR has since developed five generations of STERIBLOCS, together with their industrial counterpart, the ASP (Clean Room Conditionner).

Today it is possible to treat a volume of air up to 22000 m3/h. The ever more sophisticated electronic components permit simpler monitoring and more precise control. Thanks to the energy of our whole team, from the north of Europe to the shores of north Africa, the STERIBLOC and the ASP have become leaders in the very selective market of state-of-the art air treament systems.

For us, this success is our best encouragement. We are happy that more and more of you are coming to trust UNITAIR’s know-how. Always ready to listen to your needs, matching your high standards we work at your side to offer the best possible air control system.

This is our commitment, our motivation, our job.

Gérard BARACHINI, Chairman.