A team of UNITAIR technicians are at your disposal for the starting-up of STERIBLOC units.

This permits a full check-up of the machine, making sure its performance is up to standard.

Assistance in less than 48 hours

  • UNITAIR guarantees a breakdown service in less than 48 hours (for controls, air handling, filtration, liquide and electrical components).

The “Manufacturer’s Visit” contract

  • The UNITAIR ‘Manufacturer’s Visit’ includes one visit per year, the contract is tacitly renewable.  This visit prolongs the life-span of your machine and ensures quality and reliability with meeting compulsory reglementation and applicable standards.


Quality – Reliability – Performance

  • Upon request, different parameters of the unit may be measured on the occasion of a formal factory visit.
  • Performance is verified and attestated according to the applicable standards and directives  (NF EN 1886, NFS 90-351 April 2013), as agreed with the customer.