Healthcare establishments

Air treatment of operating theatres,
adjoining zones,
sterilization rooms,
clean corridors and pharmacies

The standards drawn up to combat nosocomial infections virtually impose the choix of a decentralised solution for each individual room. The technicial specifications offered by our products comply with these requirements.

Our solutions for hospitals are for:

  • Operating rooms

  • Technical rooms in the operating block :

    intensive care,
    clean corridors,
    clean zones...

This air treatment meets the requirements of:

  • Level 4 Risk Zones

    Very high risk of infection
    Class ISO 5

  • Level 3 Risk Zones

    High risk of infection
    Class ISO 7

  • Level 2 Risk Zones

    Moderate risk of infection
    Class ISO 8

Our decentralized and specific solution is adapted to new projects, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing structures.