Assistance with project design during study phase.

A design team for technical assistance, implementation of customer’s projects, research and innovation in state-of-the art technology

Starting-up and Commissioning

Assistance with commissioning of our machines by our engineers, technical training for ease and accessibility of use.

Assistance within 48 hours 

A structured and reactive after-sales service, responding to customers’ needs in 24-48 hours, either in person or by telephone assistance, thanks to a team of experienced and competent engineers.

‘Manufacturer’s visit’

The UNITAIR Manufacturer’s visit contract offers a yearly check-up, and may be tacitly renewed.

This prolongs the life-span of your equipment and ensures quality and reliability : in order to comply with the requirements of current reglementation and standards.

An Integrated Quality Assurance System :

On request, different parameters of the air treatment unit can be measured with precision during a visit before leaving the factory. Performance is verified and attested according to the applicable standards and directives (NF EN 1886, NFS 90-351 April 2013) in agreement with and on customer specification. »