Industry and research

Clean room air treatment
for high tech, electronics, biotechnologies,
animal laboratories and pharmaceutical production

For all types of laboratories : chemical, pharmaceutical, biological or medical, as with all potentially explosive atmospheres, ventilation and air treatment must comply with specific and very strict safety requirements.

Our solutions for industrial clean rooms are for :

  • Industries pharmaceutiques

  • Micromécaniques / Mécanique de Haute Précision

  • Laboratoires de recherche (type L3)

This treatment complies with the following clean-room standards :

  • ISO 4
  • ISO 5
  • ISO 6
  • ISO 7
  • ISO 8

Commonly called as follows in the pharmaceutical and laboratory field :

  • Class D
  • Class C
  • Class B
  • Class A

Our solution is particularly well adapted for small and medium volumes. Moreover, it allows cost-effective adaptation to the constant evolutions in process.